25th - 27th of October 2022

This year, under the overarching theme of 'Complex Crises', the Disaster Risk Reduction Conference addressed the dynamically increasing perception of the scale and compounding impacts of recent disasters and crises. Crises which increasingly threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions of people and are exacerbated by the impact of Covid 19 and the armed conflict in Ukraine. Are we creating the necessary paradigm shift towards a more efficient, effective, and proactive humanitarian response? Are we up for the challenges that lay ahead for Germany’s civil protection mechanism?

The over 20 virtual workshops with national and international speakers on Climate Change, What Civil Protection can Learn from Humanitarian Aid or Achieving the Sendai Goals in Fragile and Conflict-affected Areas have shed light on the topic of complex crisis. 

The three exciting and high-ranking panel discussions, dealt with the recently adopted German Resilience Strategy, the growing challenges of civil protection and international climate justice and policy.  

Soon the recordings of the events will also be available on this website!

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